List of useful apps for Healthcare Professionals

Like them or hate them, mobile phones are part of our live’s.  They go every where with us and get used in the lounge, when in bed, sitting on the toilet.  Even at work we have a sneaky look on facebook or whatsapp when we get the chance!

I know mobiles are a good way to waste time, but they can be useful too.  I’ve collected some of the app’s that can make life as an agency nurse easier.  (It’s a growing list so let me know what apps you find useful)

nursing apps

Camscanner (iOS) (Android)

Camscanner is a mobile scanning app that lets you take a photo of important documents and time sheets.  Then crop the sides and enhance the writing to make it clear and look like a scanned document.  When I started using this in 2015 the agencies were not always accepting of documents emailed in this format however I’ve not had any issues in recent years.

Office suite PRO (iOS) (Android)

Office pro is like MS Word but for mobile phones.  The basic editor is decent and does everything ‘Word’ will do.  There is also a PDF editor bundled into the paid version that lets you digitally sign on top of PDF documents right from the comfort of your mobile phone.

What this means is no more messing around with printing documents out to sign first then having to post or scan and email them.

Google calender (Android)

Googles calender comes as standard on all Android phones (maybe apple have an equivalent?)  What’s great about this app is it’s backed up on your google account and then is accessible on any online device.  I use this app to organise my life and agency bookings.  Another great feature is you can easily sync your calender on other peoples phones so they have access and know when your working next.

BNF App (iOS) (Android)

The standard BNF book but in digital form.  Excellent search options make finding the medications easy.   The app is updated regularly which makes it even more up to date than the paperback book.

Univadis (iOS) (Android)

Univadis app has a comprehensive database of medicines and drug interactions.   Also doubles as a news feed with up to date news for your chosen speciality

Nursing Central (iOS) (Android)

Extensive drug and disease information with regular updates.  Students and healthcare professionals will find this app useful and be able to work more effectively with detailed directory of diseases, tests, drugs and procedures.

Nice guidelines (iOS) (Android)
Nice guidelines have their own app to let nurses and other healthcare professionals access the latest Nice guidelines from their mobile phone.  The app is much easier to load the guidelines then trying to load the NICE website on a small screen.  Features include ability to Search or browse the current guidelines.  Bookmark important sections for fast access, email and share sections to colleagues.

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