Nurse pay bands and agency nurse pay – A comparism

Check out the annual wage chart below showing the nurse pay bands for a band 5 nurse and agency nurse pay.

The nurse pay bands for nurses with 8 years experience is £28,746, (£30615 after agenda for change)

Working as an agency nurse can be a real headache with it’s own lot of jobs to do.  3 years in to my journey and I have the jobs well organised and part of my regular routine.

Jobs like emailing shifts and area availability to my agency, chasing up work, contacting hospitals for extra work.  Checking my pay is correct  for all shifts worked.

The chores must be completed on a weekly basis and become boring after a couple of months.  But I would never quit as an agency nurse because the pay rates make the the extra duties worth it.

I calculated an average agency nurse pay rate of £25 per hour for night shifts.  I know day shift rates are lower and about £19 per hour –  £34200 per year.  Still higher then top of band 5.

The higher rates of pay is one of the main attractions to joining an agency but there are cons that should be considered before leaving a full time position,

  • No NHS pension
  • No NHS sickpay
  • No holiday pay

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