NHS pay deal accepted by trade unions

The trade unions have been asking NHS workers in England since March this year whether they want to accept the 6.5% pay rise offered by the goverment.  RCN members and Unison members both were very active with voting for the change.   But only 10% of eligible NHS staff did vote and GMB rejected the deal completely.

What happens next?

What happens next is a pay increase of 6.5% over a three year period and backdated to April 2017.  There’s a great infographic showing the ‘agenda for change’ pay scales here.

Still many NHS staff feel the rise is not good enough

The pay rise for NHS staff has come under much scrutiny over the last couple of months.  Because when factoring in the current rate of inflation the figures actually show the offer still remains as a pay cut when offset by the current rate of inflation’s.

Information taken from nursingnotes website



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