Adam has worked as an Agency Nurse for the past 3 years in Shropshire and Wales.  He is RMN trained and is known in NHS Mental Health Hospitals in these counties.

When searching for support and information around Agency nursing he could only find Agency websites and Job directories.  There are Facebook groups but no websites to help and support the agency nurse.

Therefore the aim of this website is to provide a place for Agency Nurses to keep up to date with legislation, relevant news and interesting articles.  Another purpose of this website is to help Nurse’s, HCA’s who are interested to learn about agency work but have yet to leave their full time position.

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If you found benefit from the site and know other nurses who also might be interested then you can do two things,

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  • Contact Adam directly if your interested with contributing to the website or have questions to ask about creating websites.
  • If you want to join an agency but need help finding the best one to join?
  • To give feedback or need more information about the website or guide.

Email: admin@agencynursestation.co.uk

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